Cybersecurity is Everyone’s Job

Are your employees putting your business at risk? Even the most loyal employee can expose you to a phishing or ransomware scheme – cyber training for your entire team can help you significantly reduce your risk.

Employees put you at risk in several ways:
Poor password choices: Passwords like “Password”, 123456 and “qwerty” are some of the most commonly used and easy to guess and increase your risk.

Poor password protection: Passwords don’t do any good if they are written down and posted on the device or on a nearby fixture.

Personal device issues: BYOD programs can help you save money, but employees using personal devices to access your network need training to reduce the risk of a breach

Falling for a phishing scam: Someone on your team clicks a link in an app or email – and your entire network is impacted

Unapproved software: Downloads of pirated or legal material could contain a virus or malware

Social engineering: Criminals use sophisticated methods to befriend your team and then exploit them for access to your system.

Cutting your Risk
Training and informing your team about known threats can massively cut down your risk. Comprehensive network security training should include:

  • Formal classes on how to keep your network secure, including password use and ploidies

  • Education about suspicious links and emails

  • Information about the high threat posed by pirated or legal downloads

  • What to do if you receive a suspicious email

  • What to do if you lose your personal device (for those with BYOD programs)

  • Proper password selection and management

Covering all of these aspects of security in a formal training session and then issuing updates as needed allows you to protect your business and ensure that every person on your team does their part when it comes to cybersecurity.